Derek's Coming

by The Artwork Of

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You can blame The Artwork Of for this mess.

Fuck us.


released June 27, 2012



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The Artwork Of New Jersey

Jersey’s beautifully cacophonous five -piece The Artwork Of have just released their new EP The Road Ends//The Road Never Ends. As usual, the band self-produced the project creating yet another new sound, despite a sudden line-up change, turning their signiture brand of “noisecore” into what fans are calling “a more mature version of themselves.” ... more

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Track Name: Bare Boned Skeletal Reconstruction
Trust falls don’t exist anymore. The men at the door hold you down and rip out the sanity you brought in. Leave your bottles at the door you can buy them back after and five more.

Ten minutes until the last band goes on. Them local scum don’t get it, the ones who do won’t come; we seize alone.

It may take time to realize that they just don’t like us but it takes more to know how it’s made.

Welcome to New Jersey, what band are you here to see?

If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission.
Track Name: Play it Like an Empty Stomach
He lived in four tarps, remembering everything he ever wrote. He spoke of such blasphemies that I needed to hear. I smiled at the fact that I was not alone but only lonely for a while. He listened to what I said and seemed to be anything but surprised.

I’ve seen this all before. I’ve travelled what seems to be the globe but could never swim far enough. It’s a relatively simple explanation to all of this nonsense and the inbreeding birthed a new mentality that is just simply wrong.
Track Name: Paint it Colors
You forget where you came from. Evolution over bits and pieces of time. Condensed in it’s nature but lacking every trace of what it was.

Call it what you want, you’re still wrong but without kids like you I would have nothing to write about.

Looks can be deceiving but you are all the same to me.

This scene was burned before it had a chance to fit in with the rest of the picture.

I was not the artist but I created art of my own when I poured the gasoline but the painting looked so real and I jumped in after the flames.
Track Name: At the Top
We won’t trample heads because that’s not our job. We’ve come to spread the words that should echo on for years to come. These kids don’t seem to get it. It’s not the fame nor the money that keeps you driven but the impulse to simply soldier on. You don’t know your place in this world. No one owes you a fucking thing and yet you press for fresh demands. Remember how you got to where you are.

My mouth’s open, start throwing your punches. I’ve got my opinions, there is time left to crunch, but when it comes down to the inner workings of my mind: fuck music, the artwork is blind.

So call me out one more time.