Begin Stanza III

by The Artwork Of

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released May 31, 2014

You can blame The Artwork Of for this.
Mastered by Jeff Rattay at Tall Man Studio

Special thanks to:

Ian Simmons of Distanced and Vacate, and Kyle Glenn of Vacate for lending us some equipment

Paul Stewart and Jawn Sudano of Me Versus I for helping out with drum tracking




The Artwork Of New Jersey

Jersey’s beautifully cacophonous five -piece The Artwork Of have just released their new EP The Road Ends//The Road Never Ends. As usual, the band self-produced the project creating yet another new sound, despite a sudden line-up change, turning their signiture brand of “noisecore” into what fans are calling “a more mature version of themselves.” ... more

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Track Name: A Private Send-Off
I’ve never known regret
I’ve just learned from the situation
And although the lessons have settled
The memories still linger

There is no better feeling than losing the butterflies
The beginning of a life lived so close to apathy
ended the life of the insect

It’s like being stuck in the middle of a conversation
When you’d rather be deaf to either side
There’s no joy in separation
No gaiety to bring with you
Nothing to celebrate

Such is life when you’re raised by example
Nothing direct to hate
Indirection taught me everything to hate
And the despicable side of love

If that’s the way it is then why bother?
Why not end it early to spare everybody?
The only answer I have makes me spiteful

I know myself better in adulthood
I can see myself for who I am now
I don’t mean to be a miserable young bastard
Every other natural emotion seems fake
Track Name: Thelonious Monk T-Shirt
Let me pick up where I left off:
the tigers have let me off the chains and owls took me under their wings.

Culture shock:
a change in the way of living and my thinking is stronger than before.

I’ve been too accustom to the pretentious nature of liberal conversations in a beautiful downtown setting and I traded it for those who voted left but didn’t care why.

Dressing down is dressing up at home, and it is home, and I will be back some day for good.
Some day: no more oil stained clothes.

Love is still against me so nothing has changed.
Track Name: Reap
Stop preaching love; there is nothing to love.
Save your spirits and spill them for the greedy.
Progression never knew love, only outrage and violence.

Foolish words, to keep your mouth shut.
I spoke those words and my mind has turn with haste.
How quickly I learned.

Do I look like death? Do you sense death? Do you fear death?

Do not be afraid of me because I am not capable of killing someone.
You have only yourself to fear; You have only yourself to kill and you will.

Dye a shirt black, smear your words on the back.
Put thought into your next educated phrase.
Here are more meaningful words to put on your fucking back.
Track Name: Total Fascism
This is the face you see: tranquility, but only to delirious eyes.
Painted scenery and forgiving landscapes avoiding the non forgiving bodies.
Castles look better in a pile, flowers garnished with treads.

Pity shown to countrymen who fall from the sky.
Raise a hand in respect.

Ours eyes don’t turn around in our heads.
Everything is the problem, nothing is a problem.

Comments continue to feed psychosis and a minority does exist.
No ground will they gain, not one bit of ground.

My existence still leaves a stench and I’m at fault for falsities.
Uneducated overlooked.
Paint your picture lightly.