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There are several schools of thought when it comes to music, and I focus on music in particular because this is the liner note section of an album. Out of all these mindsets, I've never found one that says it is a good idea to put two bands in a room and write music as one. It's a stupid idea, and it really shouldn't be done; however, we don't play this style of music to follow rules of contemporary music or music in general.
This wasn't an album that we did just for fun (I can tell you this was a huge pain in the ass), but instead to prove a point: if you think it can't be done, it probably can. Possibilities are infinite and anyone who disagrees needs to pull his/her head out of his/her ass.
"Brothers" was another stance in our collective efforts to bring music back to "music" and this so called "scene." We aren't famous and we don't strive to be; we are kids with a message... and a terrible temper.


released March 16, 2013

You can blame Me Versus I and The Artwork Of for everything regarding this shit.

Artwork by Derick Rodriguez



all rights reserved


The Artwork Of New Jersey

Jersey’s beautifully cacophonous five -piece The Artwork Of have just released their new EP The Road Ends//The Road Never Ends. As usual, the band self-produced the project creating yet another new sound, despite a sudden line-up change, turning their signiture brand of “noisecore” into what fans are calling “a more mature version of themselves.” ... more

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Track Name: The Artwork Of - Characteristic of the Human: Flaw
I figured I'd stop by to see what you were up to. I see your pictures posted everywhere of your childhood endeavors paying off.
My happiness is overwhelming.

I guess this time the critics were right.
I'm somewhat entrenched in my own self-loathing. The pictures you see depict only minutes of my happiness and nothing of reality.

Sleep where you may far from home and you will still trample me into dust. Please stop my mind from thinking, please stop my mind from speaking truth.

I'm home and suddenly it doesn't quite feel like home anymore. The complexion you see is the absence of life I've been living all along.
Track Name: The Artwork Of - Don't Mosh to This
Were you not fed when you were a child? Did you make your country proud? Oh, were you upset when you realized that every dollar that your parents made went to making you happy?

Flip the table again, punch an equal in the face and question why you're bleeding at the end of the night.

C'est la vie.

Leave your trash outside.